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Are you interested in taking lessons at our dance studios? Or may be interested in booking a show for an event? Please fill out this contact form with as much detail as possible, and we will get back to you.

IMPORTANT: If interested in booking a live show, please provide us with the following information if possible. Short answer is “YES! We hope we can do a show for you! And will look forward to it!” However, to fully answer your question of “Can we perform at your event?” or “Are we available?” or “Please provide a quote?” – Unfortunately it is not completely up to us to answer. It is actually pursuant to the “10 BASIC” booking, logistics and parameters listed below. Thus, please provide answers to as many, if not ALL questions below:

1) DATE of the event:

2) TIME: 


4) Address/Location of Venue:

5) What the event is for? (i.e. Wedding, Birthday, Corporate Event, etc.):

5b) How many guests are you expecting?

6) Permission from Venue that you are allowed to host performers:

7) Size of Stage? Stage Accessibility?:

8) What is the Load In Capability?:

9) Is there a Private Changing Room beside stage? (NO public washrooms for changing please): 

10) What is your Budget you are working with, so that we may suggest a perfect show package option for you!

As we value the health and safety of all, please also let us know if your event has any COVID-19 restrictions/policies that you would like us to abide to (i.e. Fully vaccinated performers preferred or required? Masks to be worn at all times except during performance? Rapid testing required upon arrival to venue?): 

If you haven’t done so already, please check out our different types of Show Productions! 

If you have not heard back from us within the week, please email us at

Thank you!

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